Agriculture production is very intensive business and is related to better quality & better yield leading to best profitability. Quality is vital feature, which helps to maintain our impressive market position. Every farmer dreams to achieve this goal. However, to achieve this with advancement of technology, use of any kind of fertilizers and pesticide is not adequate. Now it’s time to strictly look at their quality.

Sri Vijaya Bio Fertilisers ( India) Pvt Ltd. have reputation for producing diverse range of high quality products. Beyond the legal requirements, there are additional aspects of product quality. We ensure the quality of our products to be competitive in any market of the world and offer the best solutions for each of our customers.

Sri Vijaya Bio Fertilisers ( India) Pvt Ltd. is committed to such quality & continual improvement. Because we understand Quality as a link that connects our company with customers. Our actions are dedicated to effectively meeting our customers’ needs. We are dedicated to having positive impact of our quality standards on crop health and ultimately on public health. We are proud about our ongoing commitment to excellence in our work products and our contribution to the mission of an “Organic India”.

To maintain our quality standards, we invest in our people & processes to target & improve our impact on crops. We continuously improve both ‘what we do’ and ‘How we do it’.

We strive continuously to create the best of products & infrastructure that an agriculture industry can offer. Sri Vijaya Bio Fertilisers ( India) Pvt Ltd. has many high end equipments like HPLC, AAS etc for quality maintenance purpose.