Research & Development

Research & innovation is the key to success in agriculture industry. Ideal product designing & development only, decides the impressive productivity gain in agri-business. Sri Vijaya Bio Fertilisers (India) Pvt Ltd. is continuously focusing on innovation of organic formulations to meet needs of the grower’s & agriculture industry and to make significant contribution to organic sector in India.

Our scientists, technicians & staff work to create better solutions for farmers and all through agricultural research & innovation. A team of expertise is engaged in development of innovative formulations followed by evaluation at field to further support the sales & marketing. Various activities are carried out at laboratory and field level under this department.

Disease causing insect and pest monitoring for product resistance.

New product assay.

Compatibility evaluation of new formulations.

Dose optimization at various regions.

Field demonstration is conducted to support launch of new product.

Follow up of legal procedures to get product approval.